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Personal Information

Antonio Carrasco Valero

Information Technology

  • 46001 Valencia (Spain)

Nationality: Spanish

  • big data
  • massively parallel
  • salesforce
  • model driven development
  • modeling
  • uml
  • mof
  • bpmn
  • omg
  • code generation
  • model transformation
  • frameworks
  • ui frameworks
  • smalltalk
  • java
  • spring
  • roo
  • JPA
  • J2EE
  • python
  • zope
  • plone
  • javascript
  • hibernate
  • envers
  • oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • Informix
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • nosql
  • angularjs
  • nodejs
Work Experiences
02/2017 - 02/2018

Senior IT Officer

ForwardKeys Valencia Spain EU

Travel Intelligence

Software Development. Big Data for Business Intelligence.
From data feeds by Air Travel reservations and capacity among others, plus world-wide events analysis, we at ForwardKeys supply real-time and forward looking intelligence to travel sensitive influencers. Think a planet-wide network of sensors installed to measure and then forecast the activity of a qualified subset of the planet's population (the one who can travel) arguably those who drive the most intense interactions, culturally and economically.
JavaEE, Javascript, Python, "R", YouTrack, Jira, Confluence, SVN, GIT, BitBucket, SonarQube, SalesForce and SalesForce integration, MongoDB, BigData, Development and QA, Contribute to the vast code base, and supply guidance and challenges on Distributed and Physical architectures, Software Development Process and Modeling.

01/02/2016 - 01/09/2016

full-stack end-to-end software developer


Environmental Health and Pest Control

Seamlessly convert an always-connected business application (Javascript / AngularJS / Java / Spring / JPA / Hibernate / PostgreSQL / Tomcat), into a offline application with IndexedDB, fully replacing the Server when there is no connection, and near-real-time synchronizing with server whenever connection is available.

Develop generic declarative framework, and application instance built on top of the framework by JSON specifications and specific impertive action handlers.

Designed as Role-oriented, collaborative network of a hierarchy of 200 prototypes, interacting mostly asynchronously. 170,000 lines of code (7 months). Figures include both generic framework and application instance.

Automated Tests: API with nodejs (asynchell) , framework and app with karma, UI with Protractor/Selenium WebDriver.

Coach Team of 1 full-time, 2 part-time.

Contribute to new SaaS, mobile & cloud solutions for the increasingly regulated market of Environmental Health and Pest Control - a vertical now serving an even more demanding community, after repeated outbreaks of late, threatening human health and environment.

Architecture, Process, Languages, Tools.
Javascript, Angular, Bootstrap, Bower, Grunt, node, npm, Protractor, Jasmine, Selenium
Java, JSP, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL
Google Cloud Platform

01/07/2015 - 25/11/2015

Freelance - undisclosed Client

Health-Care IT

Evaluate and test new technologies to work with DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications for Medicine.

Evaluate pure Javascript DICOM parsers, data dictionaries and visualization tools.
Compare DICOM data as obtained from Javascript tools, with the data as interpreted and provided by orthanc lightweight miniPACS and DCMTK classic tooling for DICOM.

Ellaborated a rich representation model, and pure Javascript/NodeJS implementation of a Domain Specific Language for DICOM Directory, Patient, Study, Series and Instance, neutral and super-set of all the DICOM platforms above, to drive full-length and depth comparison of complex DICOM instances.

Applied Antonio's "asyncshell" (FLOSS - EUPL) end2end test framework for automated testing and assessment of the above, and (undisclosed Company) proprietary DICOM management tools, over a sample data set of 600+ DICOM files.

01/07/2014 - 31/05/2015

architect, test

Registro de Mortalidad de la Comunidad Valenciana (Official Death Registry).


Registro de Mortalidad de la Generalidad Valenciana (RMCV) Conselleria de Sanidad. Official Registry of Causes of Death in the Valencian Region, and workflow with doctors, law courts and national institute of statistics. Developed enterprise-class shell, quality and test instrumentation for the conversion of an MSAccess/SQLserver application into an enterprise application Java/Spring/Roo/JPA/Hibernate+Envers/Tomcat/JBoss/Oracle - JSON API - Thymeleaf/Javascript/JQuery/AngularJS.

Developed instrumentation and test engine "te2est" (NodeJS/JSON/Protractor/Jasmine/Selenium/AngularJS) for the official Registry of Deaths in the Valencian region. Released under European Public License.

He desarrollado la instrumentacion y marco de testing para el Registro de Mortalidad de la Comunidad Valenciana de la Conselleria de Sanidad y su flujo con el INE y los Juzgados. Incluyendo nueva herramienta "te2est" en nodejs/protractor/jasmine liberada como European Public License EUPL.

01/09/2013 - 30/06/2014

Supplier of software solutions

Modulo10 Valoraciones de Activos, S.L. Valencia, Madrid, Spain


Develop insurance valuation engine and benchmark components, as Single Page Application rich user interface.
Develop interactive 3D visualizations for large insurance valuation data-sets.
Develop business intelligence algorithms, on figures from public annual accounts presented by Companies, for extrapolation of valuations for Companies over time, and within similar activities.
Applying technologies Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, AngularJS, JavaEnterprise, Spring, Roo, Hibernate, Tomcat, MySQL.

02/07/2012 - 22/03/2013


infeurope sa for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Bonn Germany

Carbon Market

Supply technology enablement components for web content management and web user group administration, to replace 1/3 of customer service requests by self-servicing through the delivered components. Applying technologies: Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Python, Zope, ZODB, Apache, SVN, Linux (SUSE). Virtualization with VMware. 9 months.

10/10/2011 - 03/01/2012

Team Lead an Developer

Centro de Documentación Teatral, Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música del Ministerio de España through Entelgy Contractor


Maintenance and development of collaborative web portals
Architect and prototype search tool and service on the more than 6 million records and multi-terabyte multimedia resources about theater in Spain since 1936, maintained by the Centro de Documentación Teatral.
Python / Zope / Plone. BaseX. Informix. Java. Javascript. JSON. AJAX. CSS. REST.

01/03/2011 - 30/09/2011


Non for Profit

Web Portal development and hosting

Provision complete collaborative portal solutions, including development, deployment and hosting, for non-profit organizations.

Applying server virtualization (VirtualBox, VMware,..) and Free-Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) solutions like Linux, Apache, Nginx, BIND, Zope, Plone, Python, SVN, Javascript. JSON. AJAX. CSS. REST....

Supplied Portals and Collaborative Content Management Systems to the 20+ towns in the area, plus a few Cultural Associations of merit.

08/04/2008 - 28/02/2011


gvSIG, Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte, Generalidad Valenciana

Geographic Information Systems

Serving as Contractor Supplier of Community Collaboration Tools, through own limited liability company Model Driven Development, sl

Architect innovative software development factories for Python/Zope/Plone, to provision floss communities with affordable collaborative content management applications.
Content management tools are automatically produced from a semantically rich model specification, and supported by transactional and user-interface frameworks using Zope and/or Plone services.

Develop collaborative applications for localization of internationalized user interface symbols, and for specification and publishing of corporate procedures.

Drive business positioning to the market of Free-Libre-Open Source Software.

Manage tenders from public sector to win and serve four government contracts. Subcontract for government engagements through multinational system integrators.

Some work products are available to the communities at large with GPL license, and downloadable from the forge at the European Commission Open Source Observatory and Repository:

  • gvSIG-i18n Plone application for localization of internationalized user interface strings. See [url=[/url] and [url=]forge[/url] at OSOR.
  • gvSIG-business process definition, a Plone application for specification and publication of corporate regulations. See [url=[/url] and [url=]development forge[/url].

Applying technologies: Linux, Apache, Nginx, BIND, Zope, Plone, Python, SVN, Javascript. JSON. AJAX. CSS. REST. Eclipse. Topcased. Enterprise Architect.

01/01/2008 - 07/04/2008


gvCASE, now MOSkitt, Conselleria de Infraestructura y Transporte, Generalidad Valenciana

Computer Software Development Factory

Supplied mentoring on best practices in development of modelling tools, model transformations and code generation, this time on top of the Eclipse/EMF/GMF ecosystem.

Initially code-named "gvCASE" the project was later named "MOSkitt".

This effort was continuation and realization of previous engagement with Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte, when Antonio wrote the technical specifications for a Pilot implementation leading to selection of the right Vendor in charge of development of the gvCASE solution for Conselleria.

01/06/2007 - 31/12/2007

Business Analyst for the Quality Management Department; Project Management Assistance for the EM2 flagship programme

Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM, OAMI), European Commission, Alicante, Spain

Intellectual Property: trade marks and designs

Contribute to the EuroMark2 flagship product: JavaEE, IBM Filenet Enterprise Content and Business Process (workflow) manager, and integration with over 30 external systems and services.

Gather and analyse busines requirements, deliver and liason with the external IT supplier to follow-up on requirements progress into implementation.

Organise logistics and develop tools for User Acceptance Test (UAT) of the EuroMark2 project.

Manage the requirements and defects data sets in liason with the external IT supplier.

01/08/2006 - 21/01/2007

Methodology and Tools Consultant

Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte through framework contractor Fujitsu Services España, sau

Public Administration, software methodologies

As independent expert subcontractor.
Write technical annexes for government tenders for Free-Libre Open Source Software tools for software development automation (CASE), targetting Metrica3, gvMetrica, JavaEE and LAMP.

Evaluate responses to government tenders above.

01/05/2006 - 01/08/2006


Push the Button, sl, Murcia, Spain

Research and Development in Model-Driven Software tools for the Semantic Web

Supply guidance and architectural patterns based on lessons learned in previous engagements on the same subject and industry,
targetting JavaEE backends with innovative Semantic-Web implementations.

01/04/2004 - 31/12/2005

Unified Process Engineer; Requirements Analysis Discipline Lead, liason with JavaEE Design and Development

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs;Telford, United Kingdom

Tax and Customs administration

Rational Unitied Process Discipline Lead for the Construction Industry Scheme Reform, a highly scaleable JavaEE application, including intranet, extranet and call center front-ends, and integrating with the corporate web of services, and data warehouses.

As RUP Lead of Requirements Analysis Discipline, worked with the JavaEE Design and Development team, to transform business and system requirements into a precise analysis, tailored for its mapping to the chosen Java2EE scaleable architecture.

Secured the system alignment to business requirements, by pioneering the adoption of UML2 behavioral modeling, while protecting the organisation’s extensive investment in UML1 tooling.

Mentored in the best practices of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), for the Analysis and Design discipline, using UML2 and the IBM-Rational Rose toolset.

Author recommendations and guidelines for the development of Data Warehouses applying the RUP process framework.
Develop Rational Rose extensions in support of UML2 and Enterprise Collaboration Architecture standards.

Hands-on work participating actively in the critical path of Analysis of Requirements, Use Cases and forward engineering into multi-tiered Design with target platforms: J2EE, Weblogic, Oracle and

01/11/2002 - 02/02/2004

Consultant; expert reviewer


Consultancy for Public Administrations and SMEs

Architect model-driven internet solutions.
Expert reviewer for projects sponsored by the European Commission in the tourism sector.

01/03/2002 - 31/10/2002

Standardization consultant

IOSYSnet, SA, Brest, France

business process and business intelligence; tools development

Participate in the company\'s estandardization strategy.
Represent the company in the Object Management Group.

01/03/2001 - 30/08/2001

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Beckman-Coulter Cellular Analysis Development Center, Miami, Florida

Health-care, large Laboratory Instrument Systems

Contributed to the analysis, design and development of the new generation of large-scale health-care laboratory instrumentation.

Participated in this innovative, model-driven architecture and C++ implementation, satisfying the most sensitive quality assurance imposed by law to medical systems for human health. Applied end-to-end the IBM/Rational toolset, under strict rules and practice to comply with quality assurance regulations.

As Senior member of the Systems Architecture Group, contributed proposals for the integration with Hospital Information Systems, of this innovative laboratory instrumentation architecture.

01/06/1998 - 01/10/2002

Chief Architect for product line; co-author of standardization submissions

Data Access Technologies, inc. Miami USA

Software development standards and tools

Contributed to model-driven architectures, modeling tools and application provisioning automation, targetting the (then) new Java Enterprise (1998).

Influenced the Java tooling industry, first to deliever architectures which are now well known through the Eclipse toolset.

Including pilot projects for General Motors (Detroit, USA), to migrate into new Java Enterprise architecture, the Design Changes Database, and Production Changes Database.

Contributed innovative architectues for semantically rich, agile interaction human interfaces, for the (then) new platform we know now as IBM WebSphere (JavaEE product line). A defense-driven initiative lead by General Dynamics, National Institute of Standards and Technology and others (USA).

Developed for UNISYS a number of pilot toolsets and frameworks, for accelerated, model-driven provisioning of Java Enterprise applications and services.

Contribute innovative modeling standards for enterprise service components, including the UML profiles for EDOC and EAI in the Object Management Group, and the ebXML Business Process Specification Schema in UN/CEFACT.

Develop proof-of-concept tools in support of the adopted standards.

01/01/1998 - 30/05/1998

Framewoks consultant

Bankers Trust, World Trade Center, New York City, USA

Finance; large syndicated loans

Contribute to the core corporate technology asset for the agile development of Syndicated Loan products (for high volume, complex financial deals).

Maintained and developed a rich declarative framework, with a 4 layer architecture, with specific responsiblities in the object-transactional kernel and user interface.

VisualAge Smalltalk, DB2.

01/12/1996 - 31/12/1997


J.P.Morgan, Wall Street, USA

Finance; Investment banking and foreign exchange

Assist individual projects in best development practices, and fine performance tuning.
Assess readiness of software libraries for Y2K (year 2000) compliance.
Develop proof-of-concepts for corporate transition from 2-tier to 3-tier distributed systems using CORBA and Java.

01/04/1995 - 30/11/1996

Software engineer

Reich Technologies; Brest, France; Brussels, Belgium; Paoli PA USA

Copyright co-holder of UML1.x - Software Development methodologies, tools and standards

Contributed to model-driven tooling for Java enterprise solutions provisioning - before Java was extended with what we now know as JavaEE.

Develop innovative approaches to agile development of computer-aided software engineering tools.

On-site deployment and support of modelling practice, repositories, and tools.

Participate in the first commercial implementation of what is now known as Object Constraint Language (OCL) of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Develop prototypes and proofs of concept in support of the company\'s contribution to the UML standard.

01/02/1992 - 30/09/1992

Software engineer


Shrink-wrapped applications for accounting, CRM and ERP

Developed components for the DIMONY family of products, national leader at the time in corporate solutions for Accounting, CRM and ERP.

01/01/1989 - 31/03/1995


Self-employed with commercial name MindWare

Multi-platform Software Development tools

Acquired and developed technology and open source products unique in the country.
Shrink-wrapped a product using bleeding-edge technology, and sold to the very exclusive vertical market of Spanish Notaries.
Launched a new company initiative, strategically positioned to receive public funding for innovation and venture capital.
Timely entered the international market of object oriented consulting.

01/04/1988 - 30/04/1989

IT Manager

Instituto Valenciano de Vivienda, sa; Generalidad Valenciana (regional government)

government agency for public housing and infrastructure development

Launched IT services in support of the foundation of the agency.
Acquire from central government the management of the public housing stock of over 30,000 appartment units, and over 300,000 unpaid bills.
In charge of multimillion electronic fund transfers.

28/11/1985 - 31/03/1988

Software engineer

Dirac, sa, Valencia, Spain

Hardware and Software supplier

Contributed visionary innovations, now proven, in scaleable N-tier
architectures, model driven development and software patterns.
Developed systems for public hospitals, accounting, and
Adopted and contributed to early open source offerings in the UNIX & C technologies.
Pioneered the launch of electronic open source communities with the development and launch of telematic systems for electronic
conferencing, content sharing and discussion.

22/05/1985 - 13/11/1985


Hidroelectrica Española, sa - now Iberdrola

Electricity distribution

6 months course leading to permanent recruitment by the utilities company.
After my grand-grand-parent, my grand-parent, my father, and myself in 1982-1983, working in same utilities business, I dropped the profession of electrician after sucessful completion of the course, and joined Dirac for an IT software development position.

01/07/1984 - 30/04/1985


Compusoft, SA, Valencia, Spain

Business software application development

Develop components and applications within the 4th.generation language developed by the company for the multiuser operating system Theos/Oasis.
Develop extensions in Zilog-80 processor macro-assembler.
Develop Human Resources applications for banking institutions in the Basic dialect of the Zebra single-user operating system, for the Zilog-80 processor.

01/02/1984 - 30/11/1984

Junior Software and Hardware technician

Comercial Tecnográfica, sl - Valencia- Spain

Document processing and information systems; Regional distributor of first PC made in Spain

Assist in the marketing of the company\'s hardware and software products to whole-sale and retailers.

Pre- and post-sales support.

01/09/1983 - 30/09/1984


Fuerzas Armadas Españolas, Ejercito de Tierra, Brigada de Cazadores Zapadores de Alta Montaña

Border security

Command the light mortar squadron.
Company Quarters management.

01/05/1982 - 30/06/1983

Chief machinist and boards operator

Hidroelectrica Española, sa - now Iberdrola

Electricity production - hidroelectric

Sole operator of a dual engine hidroelectric facility on the Jucar river, as part of the team running round-the-clock shifts.

Participate in the whole dismantlement and re-wamping of the entire facility after the 1982 flood.

Education and Training
01/09/1985 - 30/09/1987

partial studes in Computer Science

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.- EUI

Increased responsibilities in professional activities took over time allocated for studies.

The Foundation for International Services evaluated my academic credits plus professional experience, as equivalent to a bachelor\'s degree in computer science from an accredited college or university in the USA.

01/09/1980 - 30/09/1983

partial studies in Electrical Engineering

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia - EUITI

Interrupted by mandatory military service.
After military service, changed courses to Computer Science.

Personal Skills
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
Personal skills and competences
Fast adaptation to change. Driver of change. Learn with others, then keep learning.

Accurately forecast the evolution key information technology trends, and deliver IT products with years in advance from adoption by mainstream industry trends.
Communication skills
Served as mentor of very skilled, senior professionals (see JPMorgan and Her Majesty Revenue and Customs), where gaining the trust and confidence was paramount for the intended transmission of knowledge.

Lived and worked in multicultural, multilanguage environments.
In Europe, in addition to Spain:
United Nations in Bonn (Germany), European Commission OHIM en Alicante; government and private organizations in Brest (France), Brussels and La Hulpe (Belgium), West Midlands (near Birmingham in U.K.),

In the USA:
New York City (Wal Street) and Miami, arguably among the most cosmopolitan and inter-culturally rich cities.
Organisational / managerial skills
Contribute technical argumentations facilitating the consensus of previously disjoined parties, for standardization processes, and information technology projects.

Experience in rolling-out and driving processes adapted to the organization\'s culture and practice,
backed up by a deep understanding of software development process engineering.
Technical skills and competences
For computers see section below.

Heavy industrial equipment for electric power generation and distribution.
Computer skills and competences
Developed test engine "te2est" released under EUPL,
for ASYNC end2end testing of JSON APIS and AngularJS User Interfaces.

Modeling standards:
  • UML 0.8, 1.x, 2.x; BPMN, BPDM, BMM. ebXML BPSS (co-authored).
  • Implementation Technologies
    • Programming languages. Javascript, Python. Java, Smalltalk, C++, C (KR, ANSI), Pascal, Modula-2. SQL. Logo, Postscript, Query3000 (HP), various Assemblers, Basics , Shells and scripts.
    • Development environments : Eclipse; Java : Jbuilder, VisualCafe,VisualAge. IBM Smalltalk and VisualAge. ParcPlace Smalltalk-80 , VisualWorks, including user primitives VM customization. VisualWorks DLLCC interface. VisualWorks. Sybase CT-Lib interface. Distributed Smalltalk (DST). Gemstone for Smalltalk. Custom. VisualC++.
    • Version control and configuration management : CVSnt, SVN, ENVY, MS Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam, Rational ClearCase.
    • CASE tools : Eclipse, MOSkitt, Topcased, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Objecteering, Argo derivatives, ISF, and proprietary.
    • Middleware. AJAX, RESTful, XML, SOAP, XML-RPC, WSDL, SOA. CORBA: DST, Orbix/ST, OrbixWeb, Visibroker for Java. COM DCOM basis. Web services technologies J2EE.
    • Object Application Servers : Zope, Gemstone. BEA Weblogic. Enterprise Java Beans.
    • Content management systems: Plone.
    • Databases. ZODB, MySQL. PostgreSQL, Sybase (including Open Client), Oracle (including Oracle Call Interface), DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, HP-Image, Raima DB-Vista. Btrieve. Various ISAM implementations.
    • Internet : HTML, HTTP, XML, CSS, XSLTs, Applets, Servlets. TCP/IP sockets. FTP.
    • Operating systems. Linux ( Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE.). UNIX (HP-UX, IBM AIX, SunOS and Solaris, SCO, XENIX), MS-Windows (Vista, XP, NT, 98, 95, 3.x) including DLLs, DDE and COM basics. OS/2, HP MPE (HP3000 series), MacOS, OS9, OASYS, THEOS, CPM 68K, TOS (Atari), GEM, MS-DOS, CPM, ZEBRA, DOS (Tandy).
    • Packages : Lotus Notes. MS-Office. Xerox XSIS Analyst with Assistant. Infographics and pre-Press (Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Linotype and Agfa utilities, and proprietary), animation, multimedia authoring (HyperCard, Toolbox, Director, and proprietary).
    Artistic skills and competences
    Play the lute musical instrument (strings).
    Infography. Digital illustration. Multimedia and 3D authoring.
    Other skills and competences
    Standardization initiatives
    2005 Profile of UML1 for UML2 Behavioral Modelling and Logical Components: in-house, Aspire
    Produce an adaptation of the adopted standard UML Profile for EDOC, of which I am coauthor, to enable the business
    benefits of precise behavioural modelling in UML2, while protecting the existing investment in UML 1 tooling (Rational Rose 2002).
    2000-2004 Unified Modeling Language 2.0 (UML 2.0) : Object Management Group
    Participate as Data Access Technologies member, in the initial joint submission by Adaptive Technologies, Data Access
    Technologies, Project Technology, Kinetium, Softlab and Siemens.
    2000-2001 ebXML (XML for electronic business) : United Nations/CEFACT and OASIS
    Participant in the elaboration of ebXML , the worldwide XML messaging standard - XML for Electronic Business, by the
    United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) and the Organisation for the
    Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). ebXML was adopted in May’2001.
    2000-2001 UML for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) : Object Management Group
    Participate in the UML™ Profile for Event-based Architectures in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) proposed standard of the Object Management Group (OMG). Ensure the alignment of EAI with EDOC and ebXML. Adopted Feb. 2002.
    1999-2002 UML for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) : Object Management Group
    Co-author the UML™ Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) proposed standard of the Object
    Management Group (OMG). Responsible for the UML Profile for the Component Collaboration Architecture (CCA). Member of the EDOC Finalization Task Force, in representation of IOSYSnet and continuing previous work with Data Access
    Technologies. EDOC was adopted by OMG as standard specification on November 16th, 2001.
    2001 Java Specification Request #159 : Java Community Process
    Participant in the Java Community Process, for a Java Specification for J2EE, based on EDOC CCA below.
    1998 Business Object Component Architecture (BOCA) : Object Management
    Contribute to the proof of concept and product development in support of the Business Object Component Architecture
    (BOCA), proposed standard of the Object Management Group (OMG).
    1996 Unified Modeling Language (UML 0.8 to 1.1) : Object Management Group
    Contribute to the proof of concept and first commercial implementation of what became the UML Object Constraint Language (OCL) , by Reich Technologies, co-holder of the UML Copyright notice. Validate and concept-proof early versions of
    modeling unification. Build Object Oriented repositories and modeling tools for the emerging standard. Object Management Group, Inc.
    Driving licence
    A2, 1980
    B, 1982
    Job-related skills
    No children.
    Relocation available for the right engagements.
    ·\"Business Object Component Architecture\", March 1999. BEA-Weblogic conferences in Research Triangle Park (NC) and
    Orlando (FL).
    ·\"Boca Views : Drag Drop assembly of optimized clients\", Jan 1999. For Electric Boat company and IBM.
    ·\"OMT \'95\" L\'Grand Messe. Reich Technologies, S.C.S, Brest, France.Dec 1995
    ·\"Object Orientation and Strategic Management\" Business Innovation Center, Valencia Spain. 1993.
    ·\"Interactive Multimedia\" II setmana de Cinema d\'Animacio I Imatge electronica, Valencia, Spain. 1988.
    ·\"Introduction to Computer Technology\" Military base, Jaca, Spain. 1983.
    Additional information

    18/01/2018 21:03:51 13909 7366
    Antonio Carrasco Valero - full-stack end-to-end software manufacturer

    You may find recommendation letters, more detailed resume, and hyperlinks to previous engagements at: .
    General reasons why Your Organization, Your Team and Customers shall profit from my contributions, are:
    First: the breadth and depth of my experience, guarantees my resourcefulness and responsiveness, and the high quality of my work-products, even when parachuted over a complex organization, system and code base.
    But most importantly: because I have contributed in many roles, I naturally look after many stakeholders' interests, when proposing solutions or risk-mitigation measures. When I work, I do it not just for my delivery, but to help the success of every effort upstream, downstream and on the sides, knowing perfectly that success, if any, emerges from the collaborative work of many. Often, I try and help to reach consensus among disparate parties, facilitating common grounds for agreement, and better alignment with corporate goals.

    Antonio produces software solutions. He started in the 80's programming multiuser applications in Theos Basic and MacroAssembler, HP3000 Pascal and OS9 K&R C. In his endeavor to deliver better quality and performance for his Employers and Customers, Antonio was driven and tough to master additional disciplines in the areas of Architecture, Process, Languages and Tools.
    Antonio has been evolving with mainstream technologies, and quite often developed or adopted technologies way before these became mainstream in the industry. From open systems UNIX & C, to object orientation and Smalltalk, distributed architectures and JavaEnterprise, or highly interactive user front ends for corporate web services and Javascript/HTML5.

    Software developer with 25 years of programming expertise in many languages (i.e. JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, Smalltalk, C, Pascal, Basic, Assembler), platforms (i.e. Internet Browsers, J2EE, LAMP, Zope/Plone) and operating systems (Linux, UNIX, MacOS, Windows, MPE3000, Theos).
    Antonio writes high quality code both for humans and machines, with emphasis in robustness and predictable quality of work-products, often applying model driven techniques and tools. Antonio is used to join large initiatives, and be immediately productive with huge complex code bases, while adopting the local practices and culture.

    Advanced user and developer of software development and CASE tools, from repositories of source code and modeling artifacts, to code preprocessors, code generators, quality assurance instrumentation, and project planning and tracking.
    Antonio has been applying in his work many kinds of tools, in support of his commitment to deliver high quality and performance solutions. Often, Antonio has contributed to software development tools for proprietary use or the market at large.

    Requirements analyst and object oriented designer, expert contributor to standards for object modeling (i.e. OMG's UML, UN/CEFACT's ebXML).
    Antonio routinely incorporates in his designs best object oriented practices and architectural patterns, learned while working or co-authoring with most talented technology leaders of industry and academy. Antonio's focus is precise capture of the corporate know-how as assets with the clarity needed by the many stakeholders.

    Architect of corporate applications and service frameworks. Often with a mandate to enable platform-independent analysis and their mapping and transformation for specific technology platforms.
    Antonio first delivered multi-tier industrial-strength systems in the mid-80's, and has architected object and service distributed solutions ever since. Often, Clients and Employers ask Antonio to develop or maintain core frameworks and components, seeing in the breadth and depth of Antonio's expertise a tool for early risk identification and mitigation.

    Process engineer and discipline lead, mentoring Team members and managers in the deployment of iterative and agile practices at organizations of many sizes.
    Antonio's development process expertise started with agile and extreme engagements in the late 80's and continued with his work within the Smalltalk community (arguably, a historical source of many modern practices). Later involved in much heavier corporate engagements, Antonio helped to transition from waterfall to Unified Process approaches. Antonio is now able to tailor best practices to deploy the software development process that best matches the Client organization's culture.

    Antonio's engagement highlights
    2015 Freelance-undisclosed Client Contribute to the Companies' solutions stack for cloud-enabled enterprise-wide data storage, indexing, archival and multi-media distribution , including medical imaging, DICOM exchange and PACS connectivity..
    2014-2015 Registro de Mortalidad de la Generalidad Valenciana (RMCV) Adec Sistemas y Conselleria de Sanidad. Valencia, Spain. Official Registry of Causes of Death in the Valencian Region, and workflow with doctors, law courts and national institute of statistics. Developed enterprise-class shell, quality and test instrumentation for the conversion of an MSAccess/SQLserver application into an enterprise application Java/ Spring/ Roo /JPA /Hibernate +Envers/ Tomcat/ Jboss/ Oracle - JSON API – Thymeleaf/ Javascript/ Jquery/ AngularJS. Developed an asynchronous test harness in node.js and test suites as JSON specifications, to verify the quality of the RMCV application.
    2013-2014 Modulo10 Valoraciones de Activos, S.L. Valencia, Madrid, Spain. Developed insurance valuation engine and benchmark components, a Single Page Application rich user interface, and 3D visualization for large insurance valuation data-sets. Applying technologies Javacript, HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, Angular.js, Apache, JavaEnterprise, Tomcat, MySQL.
    2012-2013 United Nations Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) Bonn, Germany. Supplied technology enablement components for content management and user group administration, to replace 1/3 of customer service requests by self-servicing through the delivered components. Applying technologies: Javascript, JQuery, TinyMCE, CodeMirror, HTML, TALES, Python, Zope, ZODB, Apache, SVN, Linux (SUSE). VMware.
    2012 – http:// Centro de Documentación Teatral, Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain. Developer of Python/Zope web applications for national Government (Centro de Documentación Teatral, Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain). Managed the Team of 4 developers plus 4 business domain experts. Architected, developed and maintained Web and collaborative content applications. Including the public search service over more than 6 million records and multi-terabyte multimedia resources about theater in Spain since 1936. Applying technologies: Javascript, HTML, TALES, Python, Zope, ZODB, CMF, Plone, Apache, BaseX, REST, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JASON, XML, XQuery, SVN, Linux. VMware.
    2008-2012 Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalidad Valenciana, Valencia, Spain and Asociación gvSIG (a global non-for profit). Supplier of Python/Zope web and OO applications for regional Government ((global reach). Supplied highly optimized collaborative Web applications for localization of internationalized user interface strings in the gvSIG program, and others. Supplied Web applications for the specification and publishing of corporate procedures and software quality processes. Applying technologies: Python, Zope, ZODB, Plone, Nginx, BIND, REST, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, XML, XQuery, SVN, WingIDE, Linux. VirtualBox. Shell.
    2006-2008 Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte de la Generalidad Valenciana, Valencia, and MOSkitt project. Author the technical conditions for a 650.000 EUR government project to develop an open source Model Driven Architecture tool based on UML and Eclipse. Contribute to the requirements specification and test case models. Liason with Eclipse community.
    2007 European Commission's Office for Harmonization of the Interior Market; Alicante, Spain. Business Analyst and Project Management support. Managed User Acceptance Tests cycles of OHIM flagship Programme, Euromarc++, through multiple iterations. Reported UAT summary and detailed results. Organized an developed the repository used by Programme for the set-up, planning, scheduling, follow-up and reporting of the User Acceptant Test. Applying technologies: MS-Access, FileNet, Java Enterprise.
    2004-2006 Her Majesty Revenue and Customs; Telford U.K.. (IRUP) Inland Revenue Unified Process Engineer and Discipline Lead. Secured the system alignment to business requirements, by pioneering the adoption of UML2 behavior modeling and constraint language, while protecting the organization’s extensive investment in UML1 tooling. Model Driven Architectures (MDA) mentoring and tooling. Contribute improvements to the Inland Revenue Unified Process. Participate in the deployment of IRUP throughout flagship Programmes of the Cap Gemini account at the IR. Provide Model Driven Architecture solutions based on UML2 for System Requirements Analysis, Data Warehousing and Enterprise Component & Services Architecture. Hands-on Analysis of Requirements, Use Cases and forward engineering into Design. UML, Java Enterprise.
    1998-2002 Data Access Technologies; Miami, USA. Object Management Group. UNITED NATIONS/CEFACT & OASIS. Architect. Responsible for development of new standard modeling specifications, along with technology and products supporting them. Research funded by multi-million grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology, Advanced Technology Program. Co-authored 3 worldwide adopted MDA standards.
    1996-1998 J.P. Morgan Object Technology Group, Wall Street and Bankers Trust, World Trade Center, New York City, USA Consultant. Develop critical components and 3 tier architectures for in-house products. Promote best practices for object oriented development. Facilitate the Firm's transition to N-tier architectures. Manage and contribute to the Firm's multi-platform library of Smalltalk reusable assets, including Y2K certification. Top-tier Smalltalk Hot-Line. 1.5 years.
    1994-1996 Reich Technologies (UML Copyright holder); Brest, France; Paoli, USA; Brussels, Belgium. Consultant. One of the team of 4 to launch the Company’s first modeling tool generating multi-million Euro sales. Contributing innovations in low-risk/high-return software development. First commercial implementation of what is now known as Object Constraint Language of UML.
    2 Years Electrical Engineering; changed courses, 2 years Computer Science. Educational background plus experience was evaluated by the Foundation for International Services, Inc. as equivalent to a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
    1995-1997 Unified Modeling Language (UML 0.8 to 1.1) Object Management Group
    1998 Business Object Component Architecture (BOCA) Object Management Group
    1999-2002 UML for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) Object Management Group
    2000-2001 UML for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Object Management Group
    2001 Java Specification Request #159 Java Community Process
    2000-2001 ebXML (XML for electronic business) United Nations/CEFACT & OASIS
    2001-2003 Unified Modeling Language 2.0 (UML 2.0) Object Management Group
    natural LANGUAGES
    Spanish -native English -negotiation . French - read; basic conversation.
    Spanish. Married, no children, Located in Valencia, Spain. Driver license, own car